13.14 Sect of Blades

The Sect of Blades is a loosely-run, but strictly overseen, organization of honor-bound warriors located near Esterport, outside the southern city gates. Ages past saw the Sect as a common grounds for mastering martial prowess and tactical lore, building around principles of honor and skill to form a brotherhood of warriors. Members of the Sect prove their mettle and honor by accruing marks of triumph, earned for fights performed with no assistance. The ability to slay one's target or defend from one's aggressor with only the tools at their disposal is valued above all for the honor of the Sect. 

Those who prove their worth will rise in rank within the Sect, discovering more of the organization's membership and perks, including the ability to pinpoint champions among the Sect and entering the famed Hall of Blades. Those who obtain the highest levels of honor are granted various privileges, including the ability to personalize one's deadliest techniques - an individualized version of a beheading, and a gruesome, unique deathsight to accompany it. Those who stand upon the Sect's Council, bearing the greatest honors, may also compete among one another for a legendary Ankyrean artifact, said to bring omniscience to those surrounded in battle.

Related Commands

JOIN SECT:      While at Jasquez Tiamo, you can join the Sect of
                Blades to receive your insignia and membership.
                There is a 5,000 gold sovereign fee to join,
                even if you were a member in the past. You can
                PATH FIND SECT to get there.

QUIT SECT:      Remove yourself as a member of the Sect. During
                this time, your insignia is inactive and you
                cannot accrue additional marks. You cannot rejoin
                the Sect of Blades for until the next season
                after quitting. 

SCT <text>:     Sends a tell over the Sect channel, if you have
                access to it.

SECTWHO:        Senses other Sect members within the realms.

SECT INSIGNIA:  Examine your insignia for your status within the
                Sect of Blades.

SECT CHALLENGE: Challenge any listeners to a duel in the Sect
                arena. The challenger is hidden!

SECT WITHDRAW:  Withdraw your challenge if you have issued one.

SECT ACCEPT:    Accept a challenge for the Sect arena.

SECTWATCH:      Watch a duel in the Sect of Blades arena.

Sect Arena
The Sect Arena is a special one on one arena open only to Blade members.

If after fifteen minutes in the Sect Arena with no deaths, a draw will be called and the battle will end.

Unlike a normal arena, you will still use supplies and and lose experience upon dying. Experience loss is quite a lot less then the usual however.

Sect Who
You can see all Sect members who have participated in at least ten duels. Those who haven't will still count towards the total of members online, but you will not know who they are.

Hall of Blades
The Hall of Blades is a gathering place for the prominent members of the Blades. Here, you can find an assortment of combat-related intrigue, including the fabled Crown of Omens. In order to enter the Hall, speak with Iernil at the Sect of Blades sign up.


Once in the arena, anything goes. You are permitted to make use of everything at your disposal, provided it does not incorporate help from outside sources during the duel. The only person that should help you achieve a kill is you.

Although it is possible to game the Sect of Blades in variety of ways, those that go against the spirit of the Sect will find their membership revoked and all awarded ranks and rewards stripped from them. Fair play is expected of everyone.

Ranks and Rewards

As you participate in Sect duels, you will gain dueling experience under your belt and will be recognised for such. There are rewards, simply for showing bravery, and accepting a duel.

Rank 1 - Green Recruit       - This is your starting rank.
Rank 2 - Soldier of Cause    - This requires 20 duels within the Sect arena.
Rank 3 - Practiced Veteran   - This requires 50 duels within the Sect arena.
Rank 4 - Deadly Duelist      - This requires 100 duels within the Sect arena.
Rank 5 - Master Slayer       - This requires 200 duels within the Sect arena.

Each rank also comes with a small perks:

  - Access to the Hall of Blades after 10 duels.
  - Access to Sect channel after 10 duels.
  - Visible to others on SECTWHO after 10 duels.
  - Can register for bounties at the Esterport constabulary.

  - Ability to compete for the Crown of Omens.
  - Your name becomes visible on the Sect channel.
  - Access to a new Weaponry ability, learned from Grim in the
    Hall of Blades.

  - Access to the Horn of Toscin.
  - Access to a new Weaponry ability, learned from Grim in the
    Hall of Blades.

  - Access to the enchantment and preservation rooms.
  - Access to a new Weaponry ability, learned from Grim in the
    Hall of Blades.

  - Earns 50% more marks of triumph.
  - Denoted as a Master on the Sect channel.

Once at rank 5, there are mostly no more perks to gain. However, you can receive new titles the more duels you continue to participate in.

Rank 6  - Honoured Elite        - This requires 300 duels within the Sect arena.
Rank 7  - Notorious Keeper      - This requires 500 duels within the Sect arena.
Rank 8  - Iron Warrior          - This requires 1000 duels within the Sect arena.
Rank 9  - Breaker of Hopes      - This requires 1500 duels within the Sect arena.
Rank 10 - Guardian of the Blade - This requires 2500 duels within the Sect arena.

The exception is rank 10, which offers a title you can set upon your honours.

Marks of Triumph

You can gain marks of triumph by completing certain activities that are beneficial to becoming a competent duelist. These marks can be gained outside of the Arena as well as in. With these marks, you can trade them in at the general store within the Hall of Blades for various rewards. Graryn, the quartermaster, will tell you more about these items if you wish to know.

Note: Unless otherwise noted, all methods stack with one another.

  - Obtaining a new rank within the Sect (1000).
  - Killing another player without any assists (100).
    * Open PK zones and the Sect arena will double the marks.
    * Each subsequent kill per season on the same person will be reduced
      to 25 marks.
    * After five kills per season on the same person, you will receive
      only 1 mark.
  - Claiming a bounty on another player without assists (100).
  - Obtaining ten bloodstone charges, if you possess the bloodstone
    item (1500).

  - You die to another player in single combat (-20).

Crown of Omens

The Crown of Omens is a legendary artifact bestowed upon the absolute best of the best of those within the Sect of Blades. In order to be eligible to lay claim to the Crown of Omens, you must be one of the top three duelist, decided by the administrators of the Blades, each season.

In order to be eligible for the Crown of Omens, you must complete the following requirements:

  - Must be a member of the Sect of Blades.
  - Obtained rank 2 within the Sect of Blades.
  - Completed at least three duels for the seasonal rating period.

At the end of the rating period, the top three duelists will be posted upon a scroll within the courtyard in the Hall of Blades. Should you be successful, you may CLAIM the CROWN OF OMENS from its pedestal in the Halls.

The Crown of Omens bestows the following benefits:

  - For each person that has hostility against you, you gain:
    * 5% resistance to all damage types.
    * 2% resistance to all curable afflictions.
  - There is a maximum of ten stacks, further people with
    hostility upon you will not contribute to the above.
  - The effects are disabled while within an arena.


  - You are OPEN PK while you possess the Crown of Omens.
  - The Crown of Omens will be automatically relinquished after
    three hours if you stand within a place of safety.
    * This includes places such as Havens, cities, portal
      rooms, and any other hard to reach place.
  - If you die to another player in single combat, the Crown
    will be automatically relinquished.
    * This does not count if you are within an arena.
  - The Crown cannot be removed or dropped once claimed.
  - The Crown does not return instantly once relinquished.

This sums up what you need to know about the Sect of Blades. You should find there is plenty of opportunity for beginners, intermediates, and those that like fierce competition.

Happy dueling!