Enchantment is the skill of either enchanting pre-existing items with magical
powers, or creating magical items. To begin enchanting, you must first be in an enchanting room (you can see this by SURVEYing the room).


- ENCHANT FOR <enchantment>
  This is a channeled action. You must have the required commodities for the
  given enchantment (see its AB file). Once finished, all enchanting actions
  will use this enchantment type, until you either log out or ENCHANT FOR
  something else.

  If your enchantment does not apply to an existing item, this syntax will be
  used to create it from scratch.

- ENCHANT <item>
  If your active enchantment is applied to an item (e.g. resists, icewall,
  etc.), this will apply it. You may only use items created with the
  tradeskill of Jewelcraft, with the exception of Augment, which is used on
  weapons/armor, Meteor, which is used on arrows, and Coldpocket, which is used
  on containers.