9.2 Skill System

The Aetolian skill system is based on groups of skills. SKILLS will list the various skills you possess. General skills are possessed by everybody in the realm, offering a basic set of universal commands. Guild skills are given by your class. In general, these are unique to the class. HELP NOVICE contains a full list of the skills a new player is given. Mini Skills are primarily defensive skills. Crafting, Talents and Mercantile skills are also able to be learned through in-game measures. Though the recommendation of what to learn varies, it is a good idea to ask your city or guild for guidance when beginning to learn. 

Identifying Abilities
Using HELP <skillset> displays information on each of these skills. Most of the skills will have abilities in them. To see a list of the abilities that you have and will learn in these skills, type AB <skillset>. The abilities you possess will be highlighted, while those you do not will be greyed out. At any time in your studies, you are able to type AB <skillset> RANKS to view the ranks at which you will obtain new abilities. To learn the functions of each skill you have, you can type AB <skillset> <skillname>. 

To use a practical example, if you were to type AB VISION, you can see a list of all of the skills in the Vision skillset. To learn about the 'Information' skill in particular, you'd type AB VISION INFORMATION, which will tell you the commands to input to use the ability, and also the function. Remember, a skill (or skillset) is generally a set of abilities, while an ability is something you will individually do.

Increasing Skillrank
If you type STAT, you will notice, among other things, the number of lessons
you have. Lessons are the method by which you increase your skills. You will
gain lessons each time you gain a level, or by converting credits (HELP

To increase a skill, you need to find a player, or a mobile tutor, who is
capable of teaching you. Once you join a guild (see HELP GUILDS) you will be
able to learn all your guild skills from your guild tutor. To initiate learning, you must have at least one lesson, and then type LEARN <no of lessons> <skillname> from <player>. You will be launched into a lesson with that player. Listen attentively, for what your teacher tells you is valuable. At the end of the lesson, your skill will rise slightly and you will lose the number of lessons you have specified.