9.1.1 Learning Skills

-- At A Glance ---------------------------------------------------------------
  LEARN <lesson amount> <skillset> FROM <tutor name>
  Spend your lessons in a given skillset to learn abilities.

  Both of these commands will display your remaining lessons.

  LEARNED, LEARNED <skillset>
  Check your lesson expenditure for all skills, or a specific one.

  - Lessons are gained from leveling up, and converting credits.

  - You can learn up to 15 lessons at a time, unless your city has researched
    Sagacity, in which case you can learn up to 60. Ask a city official!

  REVIEW <skillset> FROM <tutor name>
  With no lesson cost, you can use this to see again the learning messages
  you'd normally see from learning a skill.

To raise your skills and thus gain more abilities, you will need to find a tutor and learn from him or her. A tutor could be a player or a computer-controlled character. Once you've done this, typing LEARN <skill name> FROM <tutor name> will begin a lesson. Lessons generally last less than a minute, and you must have at least one lesson credit available. (Recall that you may see how many lesson credits you have by typing STAT, STATUS or CREDIT REPORT.)                                  

You may also specify the number of lessons you wish to spend at a time, up to 15. To accomplish this, type LEARN [<number>] <skill name> FROM <tutor name>. So to learn 5 lessons worth of Vision from Tlachinolli, you would LEARN 5 VISION FROM TLACHINOLLI. Note that when you learn lessons in bulk, you may lose the effect of latter lessons if you cannot learn any further in the skill at that time.                                      

There are three types of tutors: General tutors, guild-specific tutors, and players. A general tutor is a mobile that can teach you any skill. Of these, the most famous are Tlachinolli, Lucisa, Rhydderch and Ashayth. Tlachinolli resides within the Temple of the Gods in the city of Enorian, Lucisa studies in the southern part of Bloodloch, Rhydderch can be found near the Core of the Great Oak of Duiran, and Ashayth has made her home in the library of Spinesreach. It is recommended that you learn to find these wise ones early on, for their houses are favoured gathering places. Mauric, a monk within the Great Aetolian Library, is also able to teach those without city affiliations.                

Each guild in Aetolia has at least one guild tutor. This is a being of some sort that only members of your guild may learn from. Generally speaking, this tutor will reside in your guild, and you may learn there in relative safety from enemy attacks. 

The tutors for each of the main cities are as follows:
               City           Tutor          vNum
               Bloodloch      Lucisa         18278
               Duiran         Belmund        43746
               Enorian        Tlachinolli    54117
               Spinesreach    Ashayth        13479

The final method of learning is learning from another player. The player you are learning from must have the same skill that you want to learn, and they must have the skill at a higher level than you. It's worth pointing out that the player you are learning from benefits slightly from teaching you, too.                                                 

You may also offer to teach another player a skill by typing TEACH <skill name> <number> <player>. Remember, teaching another player will raise your skill without taking any lesson credits from you (although they are still taken from the one learning).                            

Should you later wish to review the messages you see during the learning sequence, you can REVIEW <skill name> FROM <tutor>. There is no lesson cost to using this, nor will it ever increase your knowledge in the skill.

Additionally, you may use the following commands to determine various things about the lessons you have spent:

  LEARNED - Displays how many lessons you have learned in each of your skills.
  LEARNED REMAINING - Shows how many lessons you need to learn to max out your

Please note that both of these show estimated values due to rounding difficulties with how skill progression is stored internally.