20.5.3 Enorian, the Hammer of Dawn

Along the south-eastern coast of Sapience, sits the jewel of the south - the city of Enorian. Previously destroyed in year 452 of the Midnight Age during the first War of Night, it has since been rebuilt into the bastion of faith it is today. Enorian is home to those who hold the cause of Light above all others. Adhering to the ways of the Gods of Spirit and the teachings of their forebears, they are a determined and resilient people, who stand firm and true to their ideals whilst pursuing the coming of a new Age:

The Age of Dawn.

Believing that the centuries-old prophecy of the Age of Dawn will only come to pass by their own hands, the citizens of Enorian face the uncertainty and darkness of coming days with unwavering fervor and conviction. Abandoning the long-held moniker of the 'Beacon of Light' in 504 MA, the City of Enorian rose with a renewed sense of vigor and purpose - akin to a phoenix rising from the ashes - to become Enorian, the Hammer of Dawn. With righteous fury wielded in one hand and tempered mercy in the other, the Enorianites relentlessly pursue the coveted future that was promised to them.

Enorian claims three guilds: The Illuminai, an ancient order of fiery guardians of the Light who stand against Corruption, wielding might and faith in equal measure against the darkness. The Templar, knights who guard the people of Enorian and serve as Her protector and strong right arm by culling the wicked and shadow-tainted. And the Ascendril Order, who serve through an unparalleled command of the elements and a thirst for knowledge, unyielding in their mission to prevent Shadow's ravenous advance. 

While Enorian promises redemption for worthy supplicants, Her people stand on the front lines of the ongoing conflict against Shadow and darkness where only one thing remains true for enemies of these Dawnbringers: repent or be put to the sword.

The flag of Enorian features two horizontal stripes in shades of azure and gold. The twin colors symbolize the break of dawn, mirroring the city's pursuit of a new Age. The azure stripe adorning the top half of the flag represents the expansive sky, while the gold stripe illuminating the bottom half is a tribute to the rising sun.