14.5 Missions

Missions are a type of procedurally generated quest designed for factions, villages, and wars. Their tasks are a bit more arbitrary than quests, but also better organized.

Every Howling, during appropriate and designated periods of conflict, every player will receive two mission allowances. Accepting a mission costs an allowance. Once you have a total of ten allowances and accepted missions, in whatever combination, you will cease gaining new allowances. Completing or rejecting a mission before the howling will free up room for more allowances. 

Missions do not expire unless the event they are designed for ends.

Missions are tracked more creatively than quests, and thus are designed to have a larger impact on the game world as a whole. Turning in requested items, killing targeted enemies, participating in PvP structured around missions, will affect how the faction attached to that mission reacts.

Three missions will be available to accept every Howling. These missions will be the same across factions. Whichever mission board you accept the mission from will determine its active targets or required items, as this will be generated by the faction who owns the board.

Rewards will be listed alongside the mission information. Most often they will be gold or faction specific tokens.

Missions come in one of four categories: PvP, PvE, Crafting, and Gathering. Below are listed some types, though this list is not comprehensive.

PvE:        Kill targets, kill named targets

PvP:        Spend time in an Open PK area, kill sect enemies, claim 
            Hunting Ground Items, etc
Crafting:   Deliver specific player created items. Bonuses will be given
            for unique versions of these items.
Gathering:  Deliver specific items dropped from enemies, harvest named
            herbs and goods.

Items requiring delivery will have a chest of some sort present at the mission board for turning in. Simply put the items inside.

MISSIONS             This will show the missions available for you to
                     accept. If you are not at a misssion board, 
                     there will be none to accept.

MISSIONS HELP        This will display a summary version of this helpfile
                     for syntax reminders.

MISSIONS STATUS      A brief summary of how many missions you have 
                     accepted, completed, and the number of allowances 
                     you have available.

MISSIONS ACCEPTED    View the missions you have accepted already.

MISSIONS VIEW <#>    See the full details for a mission. If you are at a
                     board, you may view missions you have not accepted yet.
                     Otherwise, you may only see those that you currently
                     have accepted. 

MISSIONS REJECT <#>  Abandon a mission because you are not good enough.