14.4 Factions

Factions are a sort of organization where performing quests and deeds will raise your standing, often unlocking access to new areas, wares, and quests.

FACTIONS : lists the factions you have discovered, as well as 
           your standing within them.
FACTION INFO <faction> : Lists a summary about that faction as well as 
                         its leader.

Rank                   Start       Advance       Total Completion
Neutral (discovered)       0       10000         10000
Friendly               10000       15000         25000
Decorated              25000       20000         45000
Honored                45000       25000         70000
Venerated              70000       30000        100000 (tops out)

Faction types vary by each community, and many are hidden, waiting to be discovered and proven to. Others freely advertise their presence in pursuit of new members.

Known openly advertising Factions:
The Gulleyes (fishers)
The Epicurean Academy (epicurean)
The Siroccian Geological Society (geological)

** Note: This is not a complete list of factions. There are many out there for you to discover!