14.1 Quests

In Aetolia, it is possible to complete a variety of quests varying in challenge and difficulty, with rewards ranging from something as simple as some gold sovereigns to unique seasonal items, supplies, and more!

Many quests are to perform simple tasks, such as slaying vermin (HELP VERMIN) and selling them, to more complex ones involving multiple steps, or even multiple quests in a chain. Note that it is not necessary to have the quest officially in your quest log in order to complete it, although it does help. Additionally, some quests can only be completed one time, due to the magnitude of their rewards!

The general way to begin a quest is to try greeting a denizen. Using GREET <denizen> will often work for this purpose, but if you're feeling stylish, below is a list of commands that can be used in its place.

Viable commands:
greet, greetings, hello, hi, nod, salute, yo, salutations, tiphat, doff.

Some quests are only available to members of certain organizations, and others still to those who have proven themselves loyal in some way to various factions.

Helpful commands:
QUESTS [quest name] - Brings up your list of available quests. You can append this command with the short name (ex. "terestai_feathers") to view the quest, if you do not have the ability to utilize MXP.

ABANDON QUEST <quest name> - Abandons the quest if you no longer wish to complete it. 

QUESTS COMPLETED - Brings up a list of your completed quests.