7.8 Gold Commands

"On the face of it, gold sovereigns are an absurd 
proposition. They exist in abundance, backed only 
by the promise of common agreement. The relative 
poverty of the peasant is all that prevents the 
common wares from spiraling upward to astronomical 
prices. A unique balance of factors - and one that 
our economy relies upon."
-Teneric, Delosian bureaucrat

Gold is the currency of the land. Found in the form of golden sovereigns, it is almost universally accepted as payment for goods and services. It is the coin of the realm, the money we use to buy and sell.

In order to see how much gold you have, type I or INVENTORY. GOLD will also accomplish this. This will show you the amount of gold in your hands. If your gold is in your backpack or another container, you must PROBE or LOOK IN that container to see how much gold it contains. 

Dealing with gold is a bit different from dealing with other items. When giving, dropping, or putting gold, you specify the number of gold directly before the word gold. So, for instance: GIVE 100 GOLD TO KHEPRI.                                                                 

Gold can be stolen. If you do not want this to happen (and who does?), you should store your gold in a backpack, or, if you want more safety, in a bank.                                                              

A gold coin has the appearance of a king's crown and queen's crown overlapping each other on the heads side, and a streaking comet on the tails side. It was revealed during the Shattered Souls event that this design came from one of the Elder Gods, Helera.


Gaining money (gold sovereigns, sovereigns, or just gold) is always a priority for new adventurers, as they will need, in time, to buy a large variety of items. The best way for a new adventurer to gain money, aside from simply being given it by a larger adventurer, is to assist in ridding one of the cities of those eternal pests, vermin. See HELP VERMIN for more details.                                                

There are, of course, other ways to make money in Aetolia. For example, there are numerous quests which will make you money as well as experience. You would do well to explore the land to discover these.