14.2 Vermin

In the major cities around the land, you will notice particular pests and vermin that disrupt the citizen's lives. Luckily, in each city there is someone who takes a particular interest in seeing those vermin dead. If you collect the corpses of these pests and bring them to these strange folk, they will reward you with gold.

Ridding cities of vermin is considered a great way to earn money and experience, particularly during your lower levels; however, many older citizens will do their part for the city and assist in keeping the streets clean and free of pests. Newbies in particular can benefit, as they'll gain additional gold compared to others.

You can decide whether or not to pay attention to the vermin simply by typing VERMIN. Once you've gathered corpses of the filthy beasts up, you can SELL VERMIN TO <mobile> to gain valuable gold. For your reference, the mobiles that accept vermin are listed below:

Name                    City         Vermin     Location
-----------             -----------  --------   -----------
Old Mister Shrift       Enorian      snakes,    A dockyard slum
Enzo, the Exterminator  Bloodloch    beetles    Bloodloch Markets
Cabalist Ghada          Spinesreach  pinchers   A large scientific laboratory
Nysos, the faun         Duiran       hoppers    Illuminated cave passage
                                                between shops
Dockmaster Ren          Esterport    rats,      Along a reinforced wooden
                                     seagulls   pier

If you have the SEWERS ability in AB SURVIVAL, you can ENTER GRATE in Enorian or Spinesreach at the appropriate locations to reach two additional vermin areas, the sewers of Enorian and the Aqueducts of Spinesreach.

NOTE: You can perform PATH FIND VERMIN and then PATH GO to easily find your vermin controller within your city.