12.1.1 Major Foci

A Major Focus is the rarest focus type and contains immense power such that it affects the area in which it spawns. During a Major Focus event, the area containing it will become all unstable environment, and be open PK until the event is over.

Unlike other foci, a Major Focus cannot be extracted directly. It will have an origin point, which will show up on LEYLINES and can be seen if standing in the room with the 'detection' defence, but the immense power coming from it makes direct extraction impossible. Instead, ylem can be gathered by participating in the contentions, explained below.

A Major Focus has a 10% chance of spawning in place of a Lesser Focus, so long as no Major Focus has spawned within the last 24 hours. As a Major Focus is close to spawning, there will be a series of global messages, each ten minutes apart, warning of the incoming event. These messages are as follows:

Message 1 (-30 minutes):
A soft, verdant glow dances across the horizon, intermingling with the sun high above.
A raw, violet glow dances across the horizon, wreathing the stars in a murky haze high above.

Message 2 (-20 minutes)
A sudden rumbling seizes the continent of Sapience, shuddering briefly as the earth heaves against itself in a fitful tremor.

Message 3 (-10 minutes)
Inelegant patterns of green light dance across the horizon in a show of brilliance before quickly fading away.

Message 4 (spawn)
A brilliant beam of light erupts from <area it spawned in> casting a murky haze of burgeoning energy across the horizon.

After the fourth message, the Major Focus will immediately spawn.

There are four phases that will occur throughout the duration of the Major Focus, in the following order: Seeding, the first contention, intermission and the second contention. 

This phase will commence automatically immediately after the Major Focus has spawned. During the seeding phase, rooms within the Major Focus's area will begin to flood with ylem, beginning from the origin point of the Major Focus. Every thirty seconds, its radius will expand, and any players present in the rooms affected will be awarded a small amount of experience and a boost to their residual ylem reserves.

The following message indicates that the seed radius is expanding:
Misted ylem billows and spreads through the nearby environs, and the air fills with snapping, hissing static.

The seeding phase will continue until all rooms have been 'seeded', at which point the first contention will start.

A contention can be one of five different scenarios, although one of them is exclusive to the second contention phase. The possible contentions that can occur in the first contention phase are: Nodes, Onslaught, Ylemfield, Hotspot, and Stalagmites. 

Read their help files for more information about those contention types.

If more than 50% of the potential ylem available during the first contention is successfully harvested, the Major Focus will enter its next two phases, Intermission and the Second Contention. Any less than that and the Major Focus will immediately collapse.

The following message indicates that the intermission phase has begun:
An ominous silence falls over the area as ley activity comes to a sudden halt - though the energies maintaining the focus remain intact.

The intermission phase is exactly as it sounds. This is a five minute reprieve before the Second Contention starts.

Second contention is exactly the same as the first, except a new contention type is available: Gateways. Second contention has a 50% chance of being the Gateways phase, or 50% chance of being one of the other phases. Refer to HELP GATEWAYS for more information about the Gateways phase.

The Major Focus will collapse when one of these conditions is met:
 - The First Contention phase ends with less than 50% of the potential ylem being extracted.
 - If Second Contention is not Gateways, it will collapse immediately after the second contention.
 - If Second Contention is Gateways, it will collapse after 15 minutes if no gateway has been constructed.
 - If a gateway has been opened, it will collapse 15 minutes after the gateway was opened.