12.2 Ylem

Ylem is the lifeblood of the world and is utilized primarily on the continent of Albedos. While the Dreikathi are masters of the refining process, the citizens of Delve have committed their research efforts to finding new uses for ylem and its refined, crystalized form. The Delve Research Society (known to many as the DRS) has spent much time and effort on refining their extraction methods to attain better results from the meagre amount of ylem that remains in the leylines that cross the whole of Albedos. Recently, however, the leylines of Sapience have been charged with latent energies and all can feel this cloying power.

Ylem, as the researchers have come to understand it, is the energy left over from when the planes of the universe itself were formed and the Prime Material Plane was brought into existence. The residual power leftover can be found within leylines that envelop the whole of the land. The most powerful resonating points upon the leylines tend to bring about manifestations of primal, mindless Eld that warp the world around it until the point collapses from the unstable energies or the Eld is bound to the will of whoever discovers it.

Ylem foundries have a focal point in most settlements known simply as a pylon. When attuned to the pylon's power, citizens and townsfolk can withdraw fragments of ylem and empower the pylon for their work efforts. While the research of Delve has produced crude results, one need only look to Dreikathi to see mastery over the matter. In time, the people of Delve hope to achieve such power and crush the Dreikathi with their own weaponry.