31.1 Delve, the Free City

Nestled on the far north-western coast of southern Albedos, the Port City of Delve is the last bastion of hope for the populace of those not yet enslaved by the Dreikathi. Its very location provides a sphere of natural protection, and effectively has been cut off from the rest of the continent. Bordered on three sides by typhoon-prone waters, the city is guarded by sea as well as protected via land by the expanse of the Dramedo Crags to the east.

With the Dreikathi having razed all other cities and settlements not under their iron fist, the port of Delve quickly grew into a melting pot of all the various races of Albedos. The city itself is a sprawling assortment of various districts ranging from the massive docklands to the expansive military yards. Delve is a bustling city that despite the threat of the Dreikathi, is full of life.                                                           

Those counted as enemies of the Dreikathi are welcomed as allies within the walls of Delve, as long as they abide by the laws of the city. Delve is also home to the only known access point between both the continent of Sapience and that of Albedos outside of attempting to brave the violent waters that separate them.