13.10 Prone

Often times abilities will refer to a state known as prone, usually as a requirement before you may use that ability upon your opponent. The state of being prone is generally seen as being helpless - not just having fallen - and there are a number of ways this state is flagged.

Below is a list of afflictions and states that cause the prone status.


 * Fallen (tripped, sitting, kneeling, etc).
 * Frozen.
 * Indifference.
 * Unconsciousness.
 * Asleep.
 * Stun.
 * Paralysis.
 * Bound (see HELP WRITHE).


 * Meditating.
 * Basking.
 * Praying (see HELP SHRINES).

In order to no longer be considered prone, you simply need to make sure none of the above applies to you.