5 Character State

Character State - Table of Contents

- Score

   5.1  Score                 General information about your character.
   5.2  Health                The measure of your physical health.
   5.3  Mana                  The measure of your mental reserves.
   5.4  Endurance             A measurement of long-term physical fatigue.
   5.5  Willpower             A measurement of long-term mental fatigue.
   5.6  Levels                Levels of experience.
      5.6.1  LevelList           A list of the player experience levels.
   5.7  Rankings              The top-ranked players, by experience.
   5.8  Exploration           Fellowship of Explorers.
   5.9  Aging                 Perpetual youth!

-  Status

   5.10 Status                Additional information.
      5.10.1 Warcry              The mark of every warrior or loudmouth.
   5.11 Enhancement           Enhancement system.
   5.12 Sleeping              Sleeping, it's not just for cats.
   5.13 Hunger                Eat to live, live to eat?
   5.14 Sobriety              Been drinking much?
   5.15 Bleeding              Bleeding from wounds.
   5.16 Celerity              How quickly can you move.

-  Prompt

   5.18 Prompt                Changing your prompt display information.
      5.18.1 Prompt Customized   Customizing your prompt.
   5.19 Equilibrium           Mental equilibrium and physical balance.
   5.20 Recovery              Recovering health and mana in a basic fashion.
   5.21 Blood                 Everyone needs blood to survive.

-  Death and Dying

   5.22 Death                 Death will seek ye out!
   5.23 Resurrection          Methods of returning to life when dead.
      5.23.1  Tear               Resurrection in the Tear of Lleis.
      5.23.2  Grace              Gaining and rejecting the grace of the Gods.

   5.24 Hardcore              Hardcore Mode - "Permadeath" in Aetolia
      5.24.1 Hardcore RP         Role playing a Hardcore character
      5.24.2 Hardcore FAQ        Frequently Asked Questions about Hardcore Mode