5.18 Prompt

The normal prompt is simply a colon. If you'd like your prompt to       
display more information, type CONFIG PROMPT STATS. Your prompt will    
then display your health and mana, along with certain information about 
your current state.                                                     

An "e" on it means you have equilibrium.
"b" means you have balance.

If you have arm balance configured to show in your prompt:
"l" means your left arm is balanced.
"r" means your right arm is balanced.

"c" means that you are protected from summoning by a magical cloak.
"s" shows that you have a coating of sileris or bone marrow.
"p" means you are prone.
"d" means you are deaf.
"b" means you are blind.
"a" means you are airborne.

Note that using CONFIG PROMPT STATS is highly recomended as it allows   
you to keep constant track of your health, mana, and other important    
things. You can also keep track of your endurance and willpower in many 
ways, CONFIG PROMPT gives extended information on how you can do this.  

CONFIG PROMPT OFF will return your prompt to just a dash.

You can also now customize the output of your prompt. Refer to HELP
PROMPT CUSTOM for information on a customized prompt.