5.13 Hunger

After you have graduated from Aetolia's novice introduction, you will gradually start growing hungry. Typing STATUS will show you how hungry you are. If you allow yourself to get too hungry, you can get sick, and eventually pass out.

In order to eat, you will need to find yourself a shop that sells food. Generally speaking, comprehensive dishes (plates, sandwiches, etc.) will fill you up more than lighter fare (snacks, cookies, etc.). You can see how filling an edible is when you PROBE it (this does not work on recipes that are on crafting shelves and listed as design12345).

The levels of hunger, as shown in STATUS, are as follows:

  1) utterly satiated
  2) reasonably full
  3) not hungry
  4) feeling a bit peckish
  5) weak from hunger
  6) starving to death

If you are utterly satiated, you will find you gain an extra 5% experience!

If you are starving to death, you will find yourself having disturbed equilibrium, taking damage, even falling unconscious from hunger.

Food can be purchased in each major city at the city's tavern. Guards will give you directions if you greet them and ask. You can also find food in some player-run shops! You can DIRECTORY FOOD at the directory, or WARES FOOD in a shop to see all food.

To interact with food you can:
  PROBE <item>  - See what the item looks like, its decay time,
                  and how nourishing it is.
  TASTE <item>  - You will see what something tastes like without 
                  consuming it.
  SMELL <item>  - You will get a sense of what it smells like.
  NIBBLE <item> - This will not consume the item.
  EAT <item>    - Eat the edible and it will improve your satiety.

Alongside food, you can find drinks. These will not be nutritious, but
some have alcohol content (see HELP ALCOHOL).

To interact with drinks you can:
  PROBE <vessel> - See how many sips are left in the vessel.
  TASTE <vessel> - Take a taste of the drink without consuming it.
  SMELL <vessel> - You can sense what the drink smells like.

  LOOK AT FLUID IN <vessel> - See what the liquid looks like.

  SIP/DRINK/GULP <vessel> - Consume one sip of the drink. The first
                            sips and the last are not always the same!