22.1 Crafting

The tradeskill system in Aetolia is diverse, offering tailoring, woodcraft, jewelcraft, cooking, brewing, and even furniture making. Along with tradeskills, there are several talents (HELP TALENTS) - floristry, fletching, pyrotechnics, luthier, ventier, tambourier, linguistics, bombcrafting, fumology, papercrafting, barding, and taxidermy.

If you wish to learn a particular trade, you must buy a permit for it (BUY <tradeskill> PERMIT, eg: BUY TAILORING PERMIT) from the craft office in a major city. Permits cost 100 bound credits per tradeskill. 

Lesson investment in this new miniskill will improve the quality of your merchandise as well as open up new abilities to work with.

NOVICE       - Access to DESIGN and ability to work with default patterns.
EXPERT       - Ability to submit custom designs. These designs will be 
               approved by our Craft Guild, overseen by Becue.
TRANSCENDENT - Ability to permanence 10 designs within that trade.

Once you possess one tradeskill, you are able to join the Craft Guild of Aetolia. The main goal of the Craft Guild is to provide a support network for questions and resources to crafters. To join, simply go to any craft office and JOIN CRAFT GUILD. Approvers are selected by Becue from amongst the Craft Guild to help manage the queue of submitted designs.

The syntax for the crafters' guild is as follows:
CRAFTERS <msg>        - Talk on the channel.
CRAFTERSOFF           - Stop listening to the channel.
CRAFTERSON            - Start listening to the channel.
CRAFTERSTELLS         - The channel history.
CRAFTERSWHO           - Who is online.
CRAFTHELP             - The orghelp files for crafters.                           

As a crafter, you can join a listing of individuals selling their wares and talents.

JOIN CRAFTER LISTING - Advertise your availability as a crafter
LEAVE CRAFTER LISTING - Leave the list of available crafters
CRAFTLIST <tradeskill> - List tradesmen of a given skill currently available                                                               
CRAFTER STATUS <crafter> - Provides information on the skill level of a crafter                                                                 

Aetolia has many guidelines to ensure crafted items are appropriate for the setting and meet a base level of clarity in their writing.

HELP PAPERLESS CRAFTING  - How the crafting system in Aetolia works.

HELP DESIGNGUIDELINES    - Overview of general guidelines including the special
                           adaptive tokens used in third person messages.
                           Note HELP IMPORTANT RULINGS

HELP CRAFTINGREFERENCES  - Overview of alternative identities for crafted items.
                           Example: Trouser designs can be 'breeches' or 'pants'

HELP DESIGNAPPROVAL      - Guidance for Admin-appointed Approvers

HELP <tradeskill>        - Information specific to the tradeskill and guides 
                           for its various design fields.
                           TAILORING  - HELP CLOTHING, HELP ATTIRE
                           JEWELCRAFT - HELP ENCHANTMENT
                           WOODCRAFT  - HELP HERBALISM
                           COOKING    - HELP IRON EPICUREAN
                           BREWING    - HELP SOBRIETY
                           FURNITURE  - HELP FURNITURE INTERACTION

HELP CRAFTINGCOMMODITIES - Important rulings about the materials used in designs

HELP TALENTS             - List of small-scale trades with no lesson investment.