1.11 Customer Service

The method by which one obtains customer service in Aetolia is via the  
ISSUE command. By using this command, you report that you have an       
"issue" that needs attending to. This should not be used for bugs or    
ideas (those should be filed using the BUG or IDEA command).            

The syntax to use the issue command is:

   ISSUE <person> <a description of your issue>
   ISSUE ME <a description of your issue>

Note that an issue is always regarding someone, be it someone who is    
causing your problem or a problem regarding only you. Once your issue is
filed, a message is sent to the other involved party (if there is one)  
requesting a response from him or her. The administration will then see 
about solving your problem as promptly as possible.                     

Please do not file spurious issues about other players, such as "I was  
killed by Bob." or "Jane keeps talking to me." In Aetolia, players are  
encouraged to handle such matters themselves. Issues with other players 
should be filed only in extreme cases of abuse. In cases where an       
individual is found to have filed an issue for spurious cause, the      
individual may be themselves subject to Administrative punishment. Also,
please do not file issues for other players, third-party issues will be 

You must include sufficient details in your issue to fully describe the 
problem. Always remember that you are speaking to the Administration in 
your issue, and not the person whom you are issuing or responding to.   
Include as much relevant information as possible in your issue. Although
we aim to speak to both parties involved to receive more details, the   
outcome of an issue depends very much on the information you provide    
(either as an issuer or an issuee.). Also, please keep in mind that     
administrative punishments and the like are a combination of the current
issue and your past history with similar situations.                    

Please do not request that the administration punish the person you are 
issuing or replying to in an issue. This is generally frowned upon and  
shouldn't be done under any circumstances.                              

If you have an issue filed regarding you (by someone else), you will    
want to reply and give your explanation of the issue. You may do so by  

   REPLYISSUE <issue#> <your explanation>

You may type ISSUES to see a list of issues you have filed that have not
been dealt with yet.                                                    

If you have an emergency that _absolutely_ cannot wait (and this        
constitutes very very few situations), then type GODS <your issue>. This
will alert all Gods online to your problem.                             

A summary of the issue related commands:

ISSUE <person> <text> -or- ISSUE ME <text>
   - File an issue either regarding another player or yourself.

REPLYISSUE <issue#> <text>
   - File a response to an issue that was filed regarding you.

   - List the pending issues that either you have filed or that have
     been filed regarding you.

SHOWISSUE <issue#>
   - Show the full text of the issue including any response.

DELISSUE <issue#>
   - If an issue has been already resolved, please delete it.
     Only the person who filed the issue may do so.