4.1 Description

-- At A Glance ---------------------------------------------------------------
   Set your description.

   - Avoid including forced thoughts, emotions, or actions in your
     description. Don't try to claim you are a race or person that
     you are not.
   - Remember to check CONFIG PRONOUNS if you wish to change them.

   ATTIRE <clothing> <appearance>
   Adjust a piece of clothing to appear just the way you like it.

   Hide a piece of clothing from sight entirely.

Your personal description is something that you have a great amount of control over. You can, and very much should, write your character a description to express your appearance to the world. Note that while there is nothing stopping you from claiming strange qualities such as glowing eyes or a quartet of crystal wings, most players will frown upon these sorts of descriptive features, as they do not fit within the realm of Aetolia. Try to read the help file for your race, or even look around at other players to get a feel for what is acceptable.

The syntax for setting your description is DESCRIBE SELF <text>.

  Your description will look like this:
  (Chosen pronoun) is a <statpack> <race> <description>.

  --> describe self with broad shoulders and a tough, no-nonsense attitude
      to him
      He is a muscular Troll with broad shoulders and a tough, no-nonsense
      attitude to him.

  You can also lead your description with a comma or period. Aetolia will format
  this correctly for you.

  --> describe self . She is olive-skinned, of broad hips and stocky frame
      - a peasant's build.
      She is a typical Human. She is olive-skinned, of broad hips and stocky
      frame - a peasant's build.

Additional Commands


   Save your currently worn description into the specified slot. You can store up to five of each type. You must be in the form to save the description.


   Save a completely new description into the specified slot.


   Displays each description you have saved.


   Switch your description to the chosen slot.


   Remove a description from your saved list.

IMPORTANT: Be certain to save your current description before switching to a different slot, as you will lose your current description if you do not.

Good Advice
Some good advice, your description should only feature things a person can figure out by looking at you. It shouldn't evoke memories, emotions, or force any actions upon the viewer. Additionally, you want to avoid describing clothing, since this is filled in automatically for you.

    Bad (very, very bad):
    He is a resilient Tsol'aa and is a tall, imposing figure. Your eyes begin
    at his muscular abdominals and work their way up to his face, where his
    visage is covered in a twisted mask. Beating down the terror in your
    heart, you work up the courage to look into his eyes, stormy orbs of
    gleaming green and blue that captivate you and threaten to imprison your
    attention for as long as he should hold it. He wears an emerald green
    cloak embroidered with the crest of the Lords of the Aalen, which he
    earned when he slew the terrible Bloom Beast of the Forest.

    She is a lithe Human, dark-haired and dark-skinned, with a short, narrow
    frame and lean runner's muscles. Worn long and untamed, her black hair
    messily frames her face. A small nose and high brows cast her a pixieish
    appearance, and her wide, chocolate eyes are often seen keeping tabs on
    her surroundings.

Please employ good taste in writing your description, and remember to abide by our language rules (HELP LANGUAGE RULES). Putting profanity in your description or graphically describing the things in your underpants will likely invoke punishment, or the Gods reshaping you as They see fit.

As mentioned previously, clothing will automatically appear at the end of your description. The clothing is displayed in an unsorted list, along with its attire. For example, the Goddess Omei might be wearing something like this:

          (tattered, but durable) : a torn pair of black billowing leggings
             (slung from Her hip) : the Muse's tome
  (clinging tightly to Her chest) : a ragged brown undershirt
             (obscuring Her face) : a twisted mask of Nightmares

You can change the way this clothing looks with ATTIRE <clothing> <appearance>. If you want to hide a piece of clothing from sight entirely, you can do ATTIRE <clothing> CONCEALED/HIDE. See HELP ATTIRE for a more detailed explanation.