15 Policies

Policies - Table of Contents

   15.1  Policy Summary       Summary of Aetolia's policies.
   15.2  AFK                  It's on your own head if you do!
   15.3  Character Sharing    Sharing characters is strictly forbidden.
   15.4  Harassment           Just say no!
   15.5  Honor                Guidelines for acceptable behavior.
   15.6  Illusions            Rules regarding the use of illusions.
   15.7  Language Rules       Don't offend people with obnoxious language.
   15.8  Multiplaying         Rules for multiplaying.
   15.9  OOC                  Opposite of roleplaying.
   15.10 Player Killing       Guidelines for killing other players.
      15.10.1                    Subrules regarding Aegis.
   15.11 Seconds              Rules regarding second characters.
   15.12 Spamming             Rules pertaining to spamming.
   15.13 Theft                Zero tolerance for credit or iron coin scams.
   15.14 Triggers             Our policy on triggers and automation.
   15.15 Underage             What we expect in the way of maturity.