15.7 Language Rules

The rules for using language in Aetolia are simple:

Do not inflict obscene language on people whom you do not _know_ are willing to hear it.

Do not use racist, homophobic, transphobic, or any hateful language at all.

We don't care what you talk about in tells with friends, but we do not want to see the offensive language on any public channels. 

Public channels are any channel that is inherent to the world and not created by the player. For reference, the list is, but not limited to, the following: Says, Yells, Shouts, City (CT and CNT), Guild (GT and GTS), Market, Crafters, and Order (OT). When in doubt, assume you're speaking on a public channel unless told otherwise.

Webs can be established as out-of-character if all members agree and the language rules can be established in the same way. Clans are created by the player, either for personal use or an organization. The Clanhead can dictate what sort of language rules to allow and whether it is in-character or OOC.