21.1 Clans

What are clans?
Clans are simply generic, player-created and player-run organizations. A clan could be:
   - a Noble House with various titles
   - a chess club with annual dues
   - a death cult
   - a group of performers
   - a family

Clans are highly customizable, and you are encouraged to use your imagination when forming them.

Basic clan information
Anyone may join a clan, and you may be in up to ten clans for free. A clan is led by one individual, who is the undisputed leader of the clan. He cannot be replaced unless he chooses to be.

Forming a clan
   - Go to the Clan Headquarters in Esterport

   - FORM CLAN NAMED <alias> <full name>
     As an example: FORM CLAN NAMED tbd To Be Determined

   - The alias can be only 1 word and no longer than 15 characters.
     It is a short way of referring to the clan so you can do

   - The full name can be up to 35 characters long and can be
     multiple words.

   - You must have 500,000 gold in your inventory, which will be taken as 
     the fee for clan formation.

   - Upon forming the clan, you will automatically be the clan head.

Joining a clan
   - HELP CLANLIST to see a list of clans.

   - CLANHELP <clan alias> to see who the leader is. Many times clans will
     have positions of others listed, for who can invite.

   - Clans listed as Open can be joined independently by entering:
     CLAN JOIN <clan alias>

   - Clans that are not listed as Open must be invited to through the
     clan leader or members appointed with that power.

   - You can join a maximum of ten clans. This limit can be increased 
     for 10,000 gold with the CLAN EXPAND CAPACITY command.

Please note that while it's possible to pay someone to transfer control of a clan to you, things like old messages in the clan's news board will remain and will not be cleared automatically.