4.6 Titles

There are two kinds of titles in Aetolia. The first are prefixes and    
suffixes. A prefix is up to thirty characters that come before your     
name, and a suffix is up to thirty that come after your name.           

For instance: Lady Asteria, Watcher of the Heavens. "Lady" is the       
prefix, and ", Watcher of the Heavens" is the suffix.                   

When asking for a title or titling others, please try to be sensible and
keep it appropriate. "Silly Squirrel" or "of the Order of Fun" are silly
titles, and shouldn't be mimicked. Titles should be clean and related to
Aetolia, and not disrespectful to the person with it, or to the world.  
Additionally, titles should not obfuscate the character's name, making  
it difficult to know who to speak with or target, or appear as someone  

In order to gain a prefix or suffix (or both), you must ask a           
high-ranking member of your guild, house or city to do it for you. Your 
guildmaster and guild secretaries are able to, and those of cityrank    
four or above may also. PREFIX <name> [title] and SUFFIX <name> [title] 
will accomplish this.                                                   

The second kind of title is one granted by virtue of a position in an   
organization such as a guild, city, or Divine Order. These titles are   
too numerous to list, however, so we will leave it to you to achieve    
these positions and discover the titles yourself.                       

To remove all titles from yourself simply UNTITLE, and they will be     

You can see some of the titles that another player has by typing HONORS