When a new player finishes the newbie tutorial, he or she are placed into the Academy of their city. One will still need to travel to your city to get access to it, but you are ready to start your new studies!

The Academy is an extended learning experience designed to provide support and assistance for Aetolian newbies. The Academy has five tasks and a level requirement before it can be graduated. During the Academy, new players are free to come and go and complete their tasks as they like, however it is to their benefit to complete them as each task comes with rewards that will be helpful to new adventurers.

Each city's Academy is located in a sub-area of the city, and is accessible only to members of it, as well as aides of the Ambassador ministry. Within it, a newbie will find guides giving various tasks to complete their Academy experience, as well as access to some basic essentials. 

If you are unfamiliar with the Aetolian quest system, it may be useful to review HELP QUESTS.

  ACADEMY: Brings up the Academy screen (example below). 

  + Academy statistics for Haern =------------------------------------------+
  | Class: Shaman                  | Level:           5/30                  |
  | City:  Duiran                  | Tasks completed: 0/5                   |
  + ACADEMY TASKS ----------------------------------------------------------+
  | Your Exploration task is unfinished. Type ACADEMY EXPLORE to view.      |
  | Your Social task is unfinished. Type ACADEMY SOCIAL to view.            |
  | Your Hunting task is unfinished. Type ACADEMY HUNTING to view.          |
  | Your Conflict task is unfinished. Type ACADEMY CONFLICT to view.        |
  | Your Guild task is unfinished. Type ACADEMY GUILD to view.              |
  | You can ACADEMY TRANSPORT to visit your city's Academy.                 |
  | You can REPICK CLASS to choose another class.                           |
  | You are not eligible to graduate from the Academy.                      |
  | Read HELP ACADEMY for more information.                                 |

  ACADEMY TRANSPORT: From within the city, transport to the Academy. 

  REPICK CLASS: A newbie can switch to a different class tied to his or her
  city. This will automatically refund 100% of the lessons invested into the
  old class. Should the newbie hold a set of armor that is now inappropriate
  to his class, he or she can speak to the Hunting task guide to exchange it.