23.5.1 Castles

Castles in Aetolia can currently only be purchased with credits, although
some aspects of the house can be purchased or modified with gold. What
follows are instructions on how to go about building a castle, and what is 
available to buy.                                                       

Essentially, you buy a basic castle, which is 1 room and a door with lock
and key, and then add on from there. You can buy additional rooms, as
well as various features for each room. Further, if you wish, you may   
buy something totally unique, though the prices here vary.     

In order to actually buy a castle, you must send an e-mail to:

The mail must include:
  - The first room in the house, and where the room will link to
  - A room title
  - A room description
  - Put no carriage returns in the description, and spellcheck it first
  - Any unique extras that cannot be added by yourself (see HELP BUILDINGS)                

The first thing to consider is probably whether you want your castle
inside a city or outside a city. For these purposes, a city is a city   
with a player-run government, including Duiran. Because construction   
costs are considerably more expensive outside of a city, buying a house 
in the wilderness will cost you quite a bit. You may, however, place a 
house in a non-player village (Esterport, Djeir, etc) for a smaller increase 
in cost. If you wish to place your castle in a city, it must be in an area 
whose description or location makes it suitable for your type of house. Any 
city-built castles must also be cleared by a member of the city's ruling 
council. Castles must also always be located on Sapience, as Delve does not allow repatriation or relocation.

In terms of what your castle looks like, that is essentially up to you,  
but it must be, at best, minimally magical. No floating castles, no towers
of fire, etc. Those types of things _can_ be done, but they must be     
arranged privately with Tiur, and will not be cheap.

The prices are listed by where you decide to build. The first price is  
for building the item in a player run city. The second price is for     
building in an NPC village. The third price is for building in a        
wilderness area.                                                        

Base package: 300/600/900 credits
  This is the first room of your house, which comes with a free naming and 
  first customisation. 

Extra rooms: 100/150/200 stone commodities each.
  The price for any additional rooms added to your house. Descriptions must be 
  added using the commands in HELP BUILDINGS. 

These are features which can be added onto existing rooms. Refer to HELP BUILDINGS for a full list of them, and their prices for player houses. There's also the following options available, for which you will need to contact Tiur in order to obtain:

Bar: 200/300/400 credits
  Means it will sell drinks. You do not get the proceeds, however. You get 5
  drinks that can be sold with this. They must be pre-existing drink types.

Restaurant: 200/300/400 credits
  Means it will sell up to 5 existing types of food. You don't get the proceeds.

Room Echoes: 50/75/100 credits
  Periodically show lines of text to people in the room.
  The price is for one room and you can have 3 different, random

Fruit Tree: 100/150/200 credits
  Has fruits that periodically reset into it and can be eaten or used in 
  recipes. Must be an existing fruit.

Object feature: 50/75/100 credits each
  This can be anything from a portrait on the wall to a potted plant. Basically
  any inert object that is distinct from the room description and can be 
  examined more closely for additional detail. Such things add character and 
  flavor to rooms.

HELP BUILDINGS has a list of the many commands you can use to personally update
and personalize your castle. If something you want is beyond the limitations of 
the commands available, feel free to contact Tiur to discuss pricing and 
special requests not covered. Please note that houses, like artifacts, are not 
transferable. While you may give keys to whomever you wish, the administration 
cannot recognize any "sale" of a private house to other players.