11.3.2 Auresae, Goddess of Fire

Auresae, the Goddess of Fire was the amalgamation of a mortal vessel and the great spirit of consumption, the elemental essence of Fire. Her existence was preceded by the death of Lord Rahn and, with Mebrene lacking a vessel, the world was bereft of light and warmth. Even the sun was extinguished from existence, and only when a shell was found in the girl, Oniala, did Fire return once more. 

In the year 451 MA, Ati the Shadow invaded, and many Gods and Goddesses strove to stop the invasion, including the Goddess of Fire. Auresae sacrificed Herself in an attempt to stop Ati's advance, culminating in a massive explosion at the death of the Goddess and the dissolution of Her order... and the onset of another endless night.

Symbols of historical significance common to the Goddess included: a firefly encased in amber, the salamander, the scintilily flower, obsidian, emberite, and, for its unique properties, mithril.