11.8 God Essence

The core of a God is His or Her Essence. Without this Essence, an Immortal can cease to exist. Though many mortals think of this as a 'death', the Essence itself cannot be 'killed' or destroyed. It can only be severed from its shell.

In this most recent mortal Epoch, only two such instances are known to have happened. The first was the severance of the Essence of Lanos, when He was trapped upon the Shadow Plane. Too far away from His followers to receive their dutiful offerings, the Essence of Truth left His weak frame. In the second event, the Essence of Fire passed from Rahn when too much Corruption was passed into His spirit.

In both of these cases, the Essence itself was undisturbed. And, in both of these cases it emerged once again with a new shell. Damariel, the Unbound, has since regained the essence of Truth in a new mortal shell. Similarly, the Essence of Fire re-emerged as the Goddess Auresae. Though both have at their core the same Essence as their predecessor, their shell makes the Essence manifest itself differently.

Though these are only a few of the instances that are known publicly, it is known that this process of severance and emergence has happened many times through the Ages.