17.3.2 Caentoi

The Caentoi are an intrepid race that have survived countless wars that raged across the whole of Albedos, emerging from each with greater tenacity than before. Originating from the deserts of the far-reaching southern climes, the Caentoi have found their home in the Bonro Sands and established themselves as merchant princes that even the Dreikathi have had need of. Maintaining the trade routes and roads, the Caentoi clans are fiercely loyal to their benefactors whether they are of the Drakkenmont Empire or the free-peoples of Albedos. One can easily identify a clan leader amongst the Caentoi people; a bulging stomach, the smell of oiled fur, and gaudy dyes that accentuate their finer features.

The Caentoi are well known by their jackal-like appearance with sleek coats to ward off the heat and sand, with wedged ears that quirk about during any business transaction