30 The Continent of Albedos

Imagine a man with his hair all messed up and pointing in all different directions.  He is frustrated and fretting as he looks over stacks and stacks of disorganized papers scattered all over the top of a large flat rock, some have tumbled onto the ground around the rock. Razmael is working diligently creating great help files for Albedos.

       31) Albedos Geography
       32) The Albedi Pantheon
       -   Albedos Races
             17.3.1  Aslinn
             17.3.2  Caentoi
             17.3.3  Golba
             17.3.4  Praexi
             17.3.5  Tarpen
             17.3.6  Ursal
             17.3.7  Utari