17.3.1 Aslinn

The Aslinn have long been seen as brutish figures across the whole of Albedos. Originating from the vast plains and foothills of central Albedos in tight-knit clans, the Aslinn were the first to be brought beneath the rule of the Dreikathi masters in a bloodless pact. Betraying their neighbors with raids in the dead of night, the Aslinn clans turned on the Golbans that dwelled alongside them within their small villages and brought them before the Dreikathi warleaders as slaves to be butchered. 

In the centuries to follow, the other races did not forget this betrayal and many Aslinn are still employed as trackers, hunters, and slavers beneath their masters. The few Aslinn that remain amongst the free peoples are outcasts, driven to the outskirts, and many find their only solace in the shrines of their silent gods.

The Aslinn are gaunt, ghoulish humanoids with ashen skin pulled taut over their skeletal frames. They have pronounced overbites with large, jagged teeth that bristle from their muzzle-like maw and flared nostrils. The most defining feature of the Aslinn, however, is the bone scaling that accentuates their eyes, shoulders, ribs, and lower back.