9.2.1 Forget Skills

At any time you may decide that you no longer wish to retain your knowledge in a skillset. If you make this decision you can FORGET <skillset> and then AGREE to the loss.                                  

This will allow you to trade in a skillset, such as Survival, for 50% of your lessons back. In the case of a tradeskill, you will also receive 66 credits for the cost of the license.                                    

Class skills will be returned at rates depending on several things.
  * If it's a class that's different from your guild's class (i.e. you multiclassed), you will regain 50% of your lessons.

   * If it's your guild's class, and you're a novice in the guild without class permanency, you'll get 100% back.

   * If it's your guild's class, you're not a novice, and you don't have class permanency, you'll get 90% back.

   * Otherwise, you'll get 50% back.                         

Talents cannot be refunded, and while they can be forgotten, you will not gain back any lessons upon doing so.