9.6 Trade Skills

Trade skills are skills that can be obtained by purchasing a permit     
from a craft guild office found in any major city. To learn more about
this process see HELP CRAFTING.

HELP <skillname> - Obtain general information about a skill.
AB <skillname> - List of the abilities under a specific skill.
AB <skillname> <ability> - Specific information about an ability.

        Brewing                   Why buy tequila? Make it yourself!
        Cooking                   Candy, cookies, casseroles! Yum!
        Furniture                 Chairs, tables, beds!? And more!
           Furniture Interaction     I can actually use these things?!
        Jewelcraft                Diamonds, rubies, sapphires, oh my!
        Tailoring                 Let out your inner fashion diva!
        Woodcraft                 Carve out a multitude of things.