9.6 Trade Skills

Tradeskills come in a variety of fields; BREWING, COOKING, FURNITURE, JEWELCRAFT, TAILORING, and WOODCRAFT.

Each tradeskill will require you to purchase a permit from the Crafters' Union. This permit costs 100cr.
BUY <tradeskill> PERMIT while standing at the Crafters' Union will grant you said Tradeskill at the level of Novice.

You will unlock new abilities as you invest lessons, with 691 lessons required to achieve TRANSCENDENT.
NOVICE  -  Grants you access to designs available on DESIGN LIST ACCESS <tradeskill>.
EXPERT  -  Allows you to submit custom designs. All designs require approval from the Crafter's Guild.
TRANSCENDENT  -  You will be able to make 10 of your designs permanent.

HELP <tradeskill>         - Obtain general information about a skill.
AB <tradeskill>           - List of the abilities under a specific skill.
AB <tradeskill> <ability> - Specific information about an ability.


(HELP 9.6.1) BREWING - Allows you to create a variety of beverages.

(HELP 9.6.2) COOKING - Allows you to create a smorgasbord of tasty delights.

(HELP 9.6.3) FURNITURE - Allows you to create chairs, tables, bookcases, hookahs, and much more.

(HELP 9.6.4) JEWELCRAFT - Allows you to craft everything from rings, sceptres, necklaces, and more.

(HELP 9.6.5) TAILORING - Allows you to sew summer and winter wear, underwear, and everything in between.

(HELP 9.6.6) WOODCRAFT - Allows the carving of vials, pipes, tarot cards, and so much more.


Still need more to satiate your crafting addiction? Worry not!

There are also 12 TALENTS (HELP 9.8) and 5 MERCANTILE SKILLS (HELP 9.9).

(HELP 22.1), for additional CRAFTING information.