22.2 Design Approval

To become a mortal approver, you must first join the Crafting Guild, as shown in HELP CRAFTING. If you wish to be informed whenever a design  joins the queue, CONFIG DESIGNS ON is an option.

DESIGN Q[ueue] - show the design queue
DESIGN <#> APPROVE - approve a design
DESIGN <#> REJECT <reason> - reject a design

The Crafter's Guild is there to ensure that a design meets the standards of the game before entering it. Here are some basic guidelines of what one should be doing when looking at approving:

        1. Proofread. We all know that we are not perfect - typos, spelling errors, and grammar issues happen. It is important to keep the quality of your work consistent with what you would see in the rest of the game. When considering this, make sure you are not considering your own writing style as a guideline but, instead, a general proofreading. If you are unsure of the grammar on an item, don't feel that you need to approve or reject it unless you are sure of yourself.
        2. Dotting and marking the appropriate things. Does the dropped have a period? Does the appearance have a cap on it that it shouldn't? Are comms accurate for the design? Make sure you're checking every little aspect and be careful to not skip through just to get a design approved quickly. Quality is better over quantity.
        3. References. Does the pattern have the appropriate design reference that the creator is using and have they changed the identity of the design to match? If not, make sure they know. Becue might be willing to add something new if it is deemed suitable for the game. Someone should also not be trying to skirt around references to try to get their item in the game.
        4. Timing. Zippers, t-shirts, jeans, velcro, miniskirts, stilettos, and various other 'modern' things should not be in the game. If you are unsure if it fits the time period, escalate it to Becue.
        5. It is impossible to create ridiculous or inappropriate objects. No items of a sexual nature--the game is rated PG-13 and that rating will be upheld (this includes restraints). No 'flower beds' using a bed design. No odd items made of glass like violins. No undergarments or blouses with 'funny' text on them.
Keep in mind that you are not looking to make sure designs are perfect, but rather that they are suitable for the game and meet what they need to. General other rules of thumb:
        - You should not be asking people to 'bump the queue'.
        - You should not be pushing your friend's designs through without proper approval process. There should be no 'stealth approving'.
        - 'Improving' designs to meet your own quality standards. Your opinion on wording is not valid. What is valid is the above stated items.
        - Nourishment values are set to 45 across all things. This was done during a liaison and will not be reverted back.
        - Components should be appropriate in the design. Cooking up some meat? Make sure a meat has been added. Does the dress have obsidian buttons? It'll require the default cloth and some obsidian added. However, don't go overboard - use common sense when rejecting for this. Use HELP CRAFTING COMMODITIES as a reference on this.
If you must reject a design, give clear, concise reasons. Be respectful at all times. On the same note, if your design is rejected and you disagree with it - do not re-submit it. Escalate the issue to Becue for a ruling. Do not bring it up to other crafters to force it through nor discuss it with other persons to start arguments. Do not bring it up to anyone to complain in a rude fashion, especially not the person who did the rejection. Keep your vitriol to yourself. Insults, profanity, and otherwise abusive behavior will push heavily towards stripping away of submission, approval, and rejection abilities of said person.

Designs do not need to be interesting or unique. They could be just another pair of plain black leather boots, with a dreary two-line examined - and that is acceptable. You do not have to wear it, you do not have to sell it. Your only problem is ensuring it is correct as far as language goes.

Remember, Becue and the other admin have final say on all matters.