6.11 Commodity Shops

Commodity shops are special shops, run by and located in the villages that produce raw materials such as iron, silver, steel, leather, coal, cloth, and so on. These village shops each produce X quantity of commodity every Y period of time, and it's generally different for each village and each commodity. 

No village produces all of the commodities, and you'll find that prices will vary from village to village according to demand: If a particular commodity in a particular shop is sold out, the price will likely get raised when it is restocked. Similarly, if there is a large surplus, the price will likely get lowered. This creates the possibility of stocking up when prices are low, and then selling them via your own shop when prices have gone up.                

These shops can be found at the following locations:

Area        vNum     Comm types
Abelaas     v60029   wood and leather
Aureliana   v34249   wood and ice
Bihrkaen    v3846    steel, iron, coal, obsidian
Delve       v33872   all commodities
El'Jazira   v4123    leather and rope
Eresh       v15354   steel, obsidian, and silver
Esterport   v53381   all commodities
Helba       v23037   iron, cloth, gold, and ashes
Hubride     v4546    steel, leather, cloth
Jaru        v64932   leather and rope
Moghedu     v30      steel, iron, coal, gold, and silver, stone
Mrenadh     v25344   wood, coal, and rope
Nuunva      v22243   leather, cloth, and ice
Saluria     v10119   wood, leather, cloth
Scidve      v10197   wood, obsidian, cloth, rope, and ash
Siha Dylis  v62755   gold, silver, and stone
Tasur'ke    v64574   cloth and ice
Torston     v20278   wood, cloth, rope, and ash

The cities of Sapience also run commodity shops, but their prices are determined by the city's Ministry of Trade. However, city-run commodity shops are often willing to buy surplus commodities from enterprising players able to buy them cheaper from the villages.        

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