20.11.91 City of Moghedu

The entrance to Moghedu is located in the central Siroccians, built both within and below one of its taller mountains. Though it is the ancestral homeland of the Mhun, it has recently admitted both refugee Trolls of Hashanite extraction, and Orcs native to the Siroccian range, who comprise distinct minority populations within the otherwise rigid, caste-based monarchy of Mhun society. In terms of its size, Moghedu is the equal of other cities upon the continent, though it has remained neutral in the ongoing conflict between Spirit and Shadow aside from its immutable vendetta against Bloodloch.

Until quite recently, Moghedu was situated in the Mhojave desert, carved out of the Vashnar rock. This changed following a revolution incited by the Great Mhunna Nesventesh, who, assisted by the Sentaari and Daru, moved the tunnels and structures of the city into the Siroccians. Moghedu was then ruled for a time by a theocratic, telepathically-intensive regime headed by the High Priestess Layentesh, which oppressed its citizens much as non-Mhun had. The High Priestess' death prompted the formation of a monarchy, headed by the Great Mhunna's niece, Nesvenai, who currently rules the mountainhome.

The city's policies have been made a matter of public record, and may be read in HELP LAWS MOGHEDU. Enemies and citizens of Bloodloch are forewarned against attempting to enter the city.