8.6.11 Sentaari

Balance of the mind, body, and spirit. Discipline to embrace not only one's strengths and likes, but also one's weaknesses and dislikes. These are the challenges embraced willingly by the Sentaari. Expanding upon and carrying forward the teachings of the guild's late tutor, Father Brachus, the Sentaari is a group of dedicated monks bound together in solidarity with not only one another, but any who value life and knowledge. While it is the belief of the guild that all have the right to coexist, the protection of the natural cycle of life is at the heart of all Sentaari.

Though the Sentaari seek to preserve Life, they are more than willing to kill or be killed in defense of themselves, their fellow Brothers and Sisters, and those that value life. In order to defend the sanctity of all that they hold true, the Sentaari train themselves rigorously in the art of Tekura, Telepathy and Kaido. Tekura is the art of the body. Through discipline and perseverance, the Sentaari monk learns how to aptly deliver a deadly combination of offensive and defensive martial arts force. Telepathy is the art of the mind, used to aid friends and hinder enemies to the point of death. Kaido is the art of the spirit, controlling the body through sheer will, and using the energy of violence to devastating effect.

The home of the Sentaari lies near the Great Oak, its structures rising quietly toward the canopy of the forest. It stands as a beacon of knowledge and serenity to those who seek enlightenment, renewal, and balance. This sanctuary is open to all that seek salvation and clarity, for clarity and salvation are journeys on which all monks travel.