8.18 Daru

The Daru Monastery was founded in year 94 MA by a group of Sentaari monks who wished to walk a path of righteousness in the Light, and was formally recognized as a guild in the year 98 MA, following conflict with and division from more moderate Sentaari elements. Finding strength in the heat and light of holy fire, they followed Lord Rahn's tenet of Perfection until His demise. With the subsequent genesis of Lady Auresae, the guild refocused itself on the path of Purity, which became its highest ideal, and the Zealots looked to banish their Corruption from within. Devout seekers of self-improvement, they likewise strove to perfect themselves in Mind, Body, and Will.

Sharing a common tradition with both Sentaari and Illuminai, the Daru had retained the skills of Tekura and Telepathy - the former a martial art, rendering its practitioner a deadly weapon. The latter, honing the mind to a precision instrument, capable of striking at enemies from a distance. Finally, the ancient art of Illumination expressed the will of the Zealot, allowing them to channel their Inner Spark, unleashing fire and light as both an awesome weapon and a formidable defense.

On 13th Khepary, of the year 452 MA, the prophet Kayalenki, condemning the leadership of the guild, ordered the Daru dissolved as an independent monastery. Those loyal to their Illuminai heritage were bid to join with the Luminaries under a new Illuminai order. The Daru legacy is that of a structured, disciplined approach; one in which the Light is found by the slow and careful elimination of flaws. Though the guild itself is ended, the teachings live on within the Illuminai.