17.4.1 Elements of the Prime Material Plane

The Prime Material Plane is made up of a natural combination of the different key elements: shadow, spirit, fire, water, air, earth, and the cycle of life and death.

Plane: Czjetija
Gateway: Sterion, the minotaur village
Warden:: Severn, the Manipulator
Shadow is one of the elements that is a natural occurance within Sapience, emanating from Czjetija. A dangerous and treacherous element, its nature is consumption and corrosion, entropy, and insatiable hunger. Its imbalance in mortals is what allows for Undeath. Access to Czjetija is gated through Severn, the Manipulator, who wards off the Shadow Mother, Ohlsana, imprisoned within. 

Plane: Rewh'va
Gateway: Impermeable, the Grand Flame in Enorian
Warden:: Damariel, the Unbound
The element of order and the progress of life, spirit naturally occurs in the Prime Material Plane, emanating from Rewh'va, as the Duamvi call their plane. The plane itself is corroding from invading shadow, a multi-front battle of sustainability versus entropy. In Prime, spirit and shadow are locked in a constant cycle of destruction and rebuilding, with spirit ordering the other elements into a harmony of function. Rewh'va is home of the Duamvi and angels allied with Enorian, where the Triad of Angels governs the sentient native population. It is guarded by Damariel, and Lanos before Him.

Plane: Azvosh
Gateway: Impermeable, the Pillars of the Earth
Warden:: Ivoln, the Earthen Lord
Earth is the element of unchanging solidarity, found in the heavy stone of the mountains and subterrain, soil, the dry sands of the desert, and all but a few metals and gemstones. In spite of its seemingly vast quantity, it is the least numerous element found in the Prime. The Pillars of the Earth stretch between Azvosh and Prime. Earthen Sorcerer Kings are imprisoned in the Pillars - the Teradrim are tasked with keeping them at bay.

Plane: Rahiela
Gateway: Impermeable, within the hearts of volcanos
Warden:: Ethne, the Rekindled
Purifying and unrelenting, fire is the element of most direct use across all sentient life, living in the hearth and cooking fire, the forge, and the funeral pyre. It is an element of intense transformation and cleansing. Like shadow, it has an insatiable hunger, but in its wake leaves possibility rather than destruction alone.

Plane: Denan Arloi
Gateway: Planar rifts in the ocean depths
Warden:: Slyphe, the Maelstrom
Water is the second-most-common element in the Prime, and can be found in almost all living and once-living things - it is the basis for blood, and a fluid, elastic element that carries with it both the potential for healing and enormous destruction. It is an element of grace and fury: still and calm when at rest, but swift and erosive when in motion.

Plane: Kal Keleru
Gateway: Fleeting, within storms, hurricanes, and tornadoes
Warden:: Tanixalthas, the Sun Drinker
Air is the lightest, least substantial, and most versatile of the elements, existing as the third-most-plentiful element in the Prime. It is tempestuous and mercurial, unpredictable in its handling, and is known for playing favourites with those who will meet it in kind. From the spring breeze to the raging, vengeful gale, Air is an element of will.

The Wilds
Plane: Dia'ruis, the Plane of Life
Gateway: Former: Unique rune-carved cairnstone, particularly in Duiran. Current: Unknown.
Warden:: Haern, the Hunter
Dia'ruis is a living plane; that is to say it is both the source of all wild life as well as, in itself, alive. The first of every plant and beast is born within, before propagating to the Prime over time. Many ancient spirits roam its far reaches. Dia'rius is a newborn Plane, a 'Liraythar' birthed by the Celestine in the Year 504 from the ailing segments of Dendara, the original Plane of Life. That plane battled the influence of Shadow and Corruption for countless years until the Celestine's intervention cut away the healthy parts and transplanted them into the new, leaving the already-consumed remnants to wither. Without Dia'ruis, nothing could grow within the Prime Material Plane. In the past, it was for this cycle of rebirth that Lleis sacrificed Herself, purging Dendara of the infecting Bloom.