11.3.5 Lanos, Lord of Truth

Lanos, Lord of Truth, embodies the search for Truth and the expungement of those agencies that seek to obscure the Truth. Some mortals under Lanos' guidance seek Truth through crusading, some through scholarly study and philosophical pursuit, and others through contemplation of the workings of the natural world.

The virtues of Honor and Wisdom among truthseekers are of the highest importance to Him. Mortals who explore the Truths of themselves, exploring their inner natures and following a strict moral code, are those he cherishes most. Inner Truth may be revealed in many ways, but the manner in which one reacts while under duress and in trying situations is the surest measure of one's True nature. The followers of Lanos do not shirk from hard choices and difficult tasks, for they know that by resolving these situations they will grow more knowledgeable of themselves and of the world.

His symbol is a flaming sword cleaving a knotted rope, on a field quartered blue and silver.

Lanos, in a selfless act of sacrifice, forced a dark entity of malice and deceit back into the Shadow Realm from whence it came, sealing the hole between worlds behind Him with His Sword of Truth. His presence, now released from its prison, has found a new mortal host and been transformed into Lord Damariel, the Unbound.