15.5 Honor

By honor, we do not mean a rigid code of conduct that you must follow. Within
the atmosphere of the game, anything goes, though not without consequence.
However, some actions destroy or weaken the powerful illusion of being in an
alternate world, and these are not looked upon kindly.

Examples of these actions are: taking advantage of bugs or loopholes, playing
multiple characters at the same time, playing multiple characters and
assisting one with the other, quitting or going to the newsroom to avoid being

A word of explanation is in order for what we refer to as "QQing", or quitting
or going to the newsroom to avoid combat. This action is very out-of-role, and
even if you are being killed by a much larger player for no reason, do not do
this. There is simply no acceptable excuse for it. You will gain a reputation
as a poor player in the eyes of your peers and, perhaps even more importantly,
the Gods themselves. In some cases, you may even be punished for doing this,
as it is highly detrimental to the game's atmosphere.

Lastly, speculating about alts is not allowed, either about other players or God roles. This is inherently OOC and actively harmful to the community. If someone is being a nuisance and you suspect that they're using an alternate character to do it, the correct course of action is to issue them or contact the admins, not to engage in speculative gossip that may not even be true.