13 Principles of Combat

Combat Principles - Table of Contents

   13.1  Combat Principles    Some basic information about combat.
      13.1.1  Targeting          Hit here, not there.
      13.1.2  Damage             Blunt or cutting.
   13.2  Combat Preparation   Preparing for combat.
   13.3  Weapons              Learn about the weapons in Aetolia.
      13.3.1  Envenoming         Enhance your attacks with venoms.
      13.3.2  Proficiencies      Weapon Specializations.
   13.4  Armor and Shields    Armor and Shield information.
   13.5  Defending            Defending yourself successfully.
      13.5.1  Defences           Beneficial effects.
      13.5.2  Stun               How stun works.
   13.6  Healing Yourself     Learn how to heal yourself.
      13.6.1  First aid          Aetolia's built-in healing system.
      13.6.2  Afflictions        Detrimental effects.
      13.6.3  Cure Timers        How long until you can cure again.
   13.7  Cures                A list of common healing items.
      13.7.1  Cure Order         Curatives always cure in the same order.
      13.7.2  Affliction List    Learn how to get details on afflictions.
      13.7.3  Affliction Types   The various groups of afflictions by type.
      13.7.4  LongForm Affs      Long-form names for certain afflictions.
      13.7.5  Random Cures       Afflictions cured by random curing methods.
      13.7.6  Old Cures          The relics of Concoctions and Reanimation.
   13.8  Bodypartdamage       The system of body parts and damaging them.
   13.9  Writhe               Escaping from that which have bound you.
   13.10 Prone                The state of helplessness.
   13.11 Combat Tips          Some tips for success in combat.
   13.12 Combat Messages      Brief combat messages for easy comprehension!
   13.13 Spars                How to find a sparring partner.
   13.14 Sect of Blades       The Sect of Blades league.
      13.14.1 Combat Rankings    What came before the Sect of Blades.
   13.15 Mobile Combat        Player vs. mobile combat.
      13.15.1 Hunting Areas      Guide to hunting areas, by level. 
      13.15.2 Elite threats      Dangerous, rare enemies.
      13.15.3 Instances          Your own corner of the world to bash.
      13.15.4 Longevity Bonus    Hunt experienced NPCs for a bonus!         
   13.16 Safe Rooms           Rooms which are safe, by Divine decree.
   13.17 Deceit               Detecting actions of deceit.
   13.18 Battlefields         Wage battles against other organisations.