13.7.5 Random Cures

The following is a list of all afflictions that can be cured through random curing methods such as the tree of life tattoo. Certain afflictions cannot be cured depending on the situation such as shivering when you are frozen.

Only one anxiety has a chance of being selected when using a random curing method (see HELP AFFLICTON TYPES for anxieties).

Random cured afflictions:
infested, blighted, paresis/paralysis, broken limbs, mental disruption, physical disruption, rend, aeon, agony/accursed, withering, destroyed throat, confusion, lovers effect, laxity, hatred, epilepsy, pacifism, justice, magnanimity, superstition, hellsight, peace, shyness, dizziness, slickness, blisters, allergies, merciful, asthma, impairment, vomiting, exhausted, squelched, weariness, thin blood, indifference, berserking, heartflutter, haemophilia, blood curse, blood poison, clumsiness, sandrot, hallucinations, dementia, recklessness, anorexia, masochism, impatience, stupidity, egocentric, generosity, addiction, deadening, stuttering, paranoia, agoraphobia, loneliness, claustrophobia, vertigo, faintness, hypochondria, lethargy, hypersomnia, limp veins, frozen, shivering, whiplash, backstrain, muscle spasms, sore wrist, sore ankle, stiffness, weak grip, sensitivity, ringing ears, lightwound, ablaze, disfigurement, migraine, dissonance, crippled throat, idiocy, plodding, blurry vision, mirroring, crippled, crippled body, cracked ribs, patterns, stormtouched, polymorph, nyctophobia, ice encased, hypothermia, baldness, body odor, hubris, self-pity, commitment fear, sadness, and worrywart