13.6.1 First Aid

Aetolia has a deep and complicated combat system that can often be overwhelming
for those who are new to it. Thankfully, we have a system in place to help ease
you into it!

Use FIRSTAID or FA for short to interact with it. Here is an overview of the commands available:

FIRSTAID                            - An overview of your config.
FIRSTAID HELP                       - A syntax overview.
FIRSTAID ON|OFF                     - Enable or disable First Aid.

FIRSTAID CURING ON|OFF              - Enable or disable affliction curing.
FIRSTAID DEFENCE ON|OFF             - Enable or disable defence maintenance.
FIRSTAID REPORTING ON|OFF           - Enable or disable the display of 
FIRSTAID HEAL HEALTH ON|OFF         - Turn on or off health healing.
FIRSTAID HEAL MANA ON|OFF           - Turn on or off mana healing.
FIRSTAID USE ANABIOTIC ON|OFF       - Turn on or off usage of anabiotic.
FIRSTAID AUTO STAND ON|OFF          - When turned on, will attempt to make you
                                      stand if prone.
FIRSTAID AUTO WAKE ON|OFF           - When turned on, will attempt to wake you
                                      up if asleep.
FIRSTAID USE RENEW ON|OFF           - When turned on, will make use of endgame 
                                      affliction curing skills such as renew.
FIRSTAID USE FOCUS ON|OFF           - When turned on, will make use the focus 
                                      skill to cure afflictions.
FIRSTAID USE TREE ON|OFF            - When turned on, will make use of tree 
                                      tattoo to cure afflictions.
FIRSTAID USE CLOT ON|OFF            - First Aid will use clot to stop bleeding.
FIRSTAID CLOT AT <bleedlevel>       - First Aid will only use clot if your
                                      bleeding is above the specified level.
FIRSTAID STUPIDITY DOUBLE ON|OFF    - First Aid will send commands twice if
                                      afflicted with stupidity.
FIRSTAID PRECACHE <0-10>            - Sets how many herbs First Aid should make 
                                      sure you always have out of the cache.
FIRSTAID HEALTH <%>                 - Set what percent you should start using
                                      health elixirs.
FIRSTAID MANA <%>                   - Set what percent you should start using
                                      mana elixirs.
FIRSTAID MOSS HEALTH <%>            - Set what percent your health should be
                                      below to eat moss.
FIRSTAID MOSS MANA <%>              - Set what percent your mana should be
                                      below to eat moss.
FIRSTAID FORCEMANA <%>              - Set what percent mana should be to
                                      prioritize it over health.*
FIRSTAID FORCEHEALTH <%>            - Set what percent health should be to
                                      prioritize it over mana.*
FIRSTAID STOP MANA BELOW <%>        - Stop First Aid from using mana-consuming
                                      commands when your mana is below the
                                      specified percent.
FIRSTAID CLOT ABOVE <%>             - First Aid will only use clotting if mana
                                      is above the specified percent.
FIRSTAID CLOT AT <bleeding #>       - First Aid will only use clotting if you
                                      are bleeding above the specified amount.
                                    - It won't clot down your bleeding below
                                      the value either.
                                    - If set to health/mana will prioritize 
                                      healing that over the other, if both are
                                    - If set to alternate, will switch between
                                      them each sip. 
                                    - The forcemana/forcehealth First Aid option 
                                      will always override this.
FIRSTAID PREDICT <aff>              - Predict a hidden affliction you have. This
                                      make First Aid act as though you have been
                                      afflicted by it.
FIRSTAID UNPREDICT <aff>            - Remove a predicted affliction.
FIRSTAID PREDICTIONS                - View a list of afflictions you have
FIRSTAID HALT FOR CHANNEL ON|OFF    - Prevents First Aid from interrupting a
                                      channeled ability, such as CLEAVE or BEHEAD.
FIRSTAID STORMTOUCHED ON|OFF        - Prevents First Aid from using the same pill
                                      cure twice in a row, avoiding the 
                                      Stormtouched affliction.
* Should both health and mana be below their force percent, then whatever you have set for your vitals priority will take precedence. 

Affliction Priorities
For the advanced user, we offer the ability for you to change the priority order for curing afflictions. While the default priorities are a good base, they may be less efficient against certain classes than a custom set of priorities.

The higher an affliction is on the list, the greater its priority, i.e. priority 1 is the greatest priority. First Aid will not attempt to cure any affliction it is unable to (e.g. lack of available herbs) and will attempt to cure the first affliction it can. 

Setting an affliction to priority 26 will cause First Aid to not attempt to cure it.

FIRSTAID PRIORITY LIST              - List the current affliction priorities.
FIRSTAID PRIORITY LIST HIGHLIGHT    - Highlight priorities still set to default.
FIRSTAID PRIORITY RESET             - Resets all affliction priorities to 
FIRSTAID PRIORITY <aff> <1-26>      - Set an affliction's priority.
FIRSTAID PRIORITY <aff> RESET       - Reset a single affliction's priority to
FIRSTAID ELEVATE <aff>              - Elevate an affliction to maximum
                                      priority until cured.
FIRSTAID UNELEVATE <aff>            - Return an elevated affliction to its
                                      original priority.

Pre-restore Priorities
First Aid can also have priorities set for pre-restoration (restoring a limb's damage before it reaches broken status). 


For example, FIRSTAID PRIORITY PRESTORE LEFT LEG 15% 7. So, if your limb damage on the left leg is at 15% or above, then FirstAid will apply restoration to it assuming you have no other salve afflictions with priority greater than 7. You can use RESET in place of a priority level to unset pre-restoration for that limb/percent combination. You can also use FIRSTAID PRESTORE ON|OFF to completely disable/enable pre-restoration without needing to adjust your priorities.

You can have multiple percent values for the same limb too. This lets you do something such as prioritise restoring your head if its damage is above 20%, followed by restoring your limbs if they're above 20%, followed by restoring your head if it's above 5%.

FirstAid will only attempt to cure damage that it knows about. That is, if you take limb damage through blackout, or mind blank, FirstAid won't know about that and won't attempt to cure it. You can compensate for this by either using the WOUNDS command to reset your known limb damage, or use afflict prediction (described below) to adjust your assumed limb damage manually.
Defence Priorities
First Aid can also maintain and upkeep various defences at priority levels. Defences at the same priority level as an affliction will always cure after the afflictions, i.e. defence priority 5 will fire after affliction priority 5, but before affliction priority 6.

At this time, only these defences are available for First Aid to maintain: blindness, deafness, density, insulation, fangbarrier, insomnia, levitation, rebounding, waterbreathing, instawake, temperance, speed, antivenin, vigor.

No default defence priorities are provided.

FIRSTAID PRIORITY DEFENCE LIST          - List the defence upkeep priority.
FIRSTAID PRIORITY DEFENCE <def> <1-25>  - Move an defence's upkeep priority.
FIRSTAID PRIORITY DEFENCE RESET         - Reset the defence upkeep priority.

Priority Sets
FirstAid supports the ability to save and switch between different priority sets. Switching a priority set will switch all your affliction, defence, and pre-restore priorities. You can have a max of 15 named sets, and the default unnamed set makes a total of 16.

Syntaxes as follows: (You can also just do CURESET instead of FIRSTAID CURESET)
Creates a new cureset entry, which will have the game's default priorities.

Wipes the target set's priorities and then copies your current priorities from your active set to it.

Lists your sets.

Switches your priorities to one of your other sets. Use 'none', 'default', or '0', to go back to the unnamed default set.

Deletes a set.

Offer to share your current priorities to a target.

Accepts the share offer, and saves it in a new cure set with the specified name. You need to have a free set slot for this.

FIRSTAID CURESET RENAME <current name> <new name>
Changes the name of your current cure set to a newly specified name.