13.6 Healing Yourself

Healing in Aetolia may be accomplished in a number of ways, dependent upon your resources and what it is you wish to heal.

If you are a newbie, you can type PORTALS at any time to be taken to a special location that will slowly heal any afflictions you might have. 

Sleeping and Meditating
Restoration of health and endurance may be accomplished by sleeping, while mana and willpower can be replenished through meditation.

The command SLEEP will put you to sleep, and WAKE will wake you back up. MEDITATE will allow you to meditate, however you may not perform any other action while doing so or you will break your concentration.

These are the most basic methods of healing, but they are not really sufficient for an experienced adventurer, as they are slow and not practical in the throes of combat.

The other ways of healing are legion. They include abilities in various skills, elixirs, poultices, pills, and smoking herbs. Abilities are not covered in this scroll, as suitable help may be found in their respective AB scrolls. The remaining methods are covered below.


Elixirs are liquids held in vials that can heal health or mana, and in some cases provide temporary boons to your character.

You can drink elixirs by utilising the vial they are in. For example, if you were holding a wooden vial with an elixir, the basic way of drinking from it would be by typing DRINK VIAL or DRINK <vial#>. You can additionally just specify the fluid you wish to drink by typing, for example, DRINK HEALTH. This will find the first vial in your inventory containing that fluid and attempt to drink from it.

You can purchase elixirs from a shop or vendor from around Aetolia, or you could make a request upon the market channel for someone with the Apothecary skill (HELP MARKET).

Poultices are a paste like substance spread on bandages in order to be applied to the body, usually to heal damaged limbs or external-based afflictions.

Poultices require you to apply a bandage with some upon it to a specific body part. For instance, if a poultice of mending would cure a broken arm if applied to one of your arms. You would do this by typing APPLY <bandage> TO ARMS. Like elixirs, you can simply refer to the poultice name if you'd prefer, e.g. APPLY MENDING TO ARMS.

Like elixirs, poultices can be bought from shops or from someone with the Apothecary skill.

Pills are a consumable known as a curative. They can be swallowed or eaten, and will generally cure an affliction related to its intended treatment. You simply need to EAT <pill>, and the effects will happen instantly.

You can find these for sale in shops, or find you can find someone with the skill of Herbalism and barter with them.

Some of the more potent afflictions in Aetolia require you to smoke a specific plant product, or in the case of the reishi mushroom, generate an anti-weapon aura around you.

To smoke something, you must first find a wooden pipe, place your curative into the pipe, light it with a fire source (like a tinderbox), and then smoke it. In terms of commands, you PUT <thing> IN PIPE, LIGHT PIPES, and then SMOKE PIPE. Eventually your pipes will smoulder and go out if you don't smoke them, if this happens simply relight them to continue using them.

Herbs can also be bought from shops much like pills, or from someone with Herbalism.

If you'd like to see a detailed list of useful curatives, you can read HELP CURES for further reading.