3.2 Channels

You can imagine that a channel is like a multi-person telephone         
conversation. By using them you can speak to whoever is listening to    
them. The various channels are listed below, along with commands        
pertaining to them.                                                     

If you wish to configure the colour of channels, type CONFIG COLOUR and
instructions will be presented.

Note that on _all_ channels, except for clan channels, the rules of HELP

Guild Channel
Used to discuss guild business, chat with your guildmates, and so on.

GTON              : Turn your guild channel on.
GTOFF             : Turn your guild channel off.
GT <whatever>     : Say <whatever> on your guild channel.
GTELLS [FULL]     : Shows the past 20 comments said on channel.

City Channel
Used to discuss city business, chat with fellow citizens, etc.

CTON              : Turn your city channel on.
CTOFF             : Turn your city channel off.
CT <whatever>     : Say <whatever> on your city channel.
CTELLS [FULL]     : Shows the past 20 comments said on channel.
CNTON             : Turn your city's novice channel on.
CNTOFF            : Turn your city's novice channel off.
CNT <whatever>    : Say <whatever> on your city's novice channel.

Order Channel
Used for your Divine Order.

OTON              : Turn your order channel on.
OTOFF             : Turn your order channel off.
OT <whatever>     : Say <whatever> on your order channel.
OTELLS [FULL]     : Shows the past 20 comments said on channel.
COTELL <whatever> : Say <whatever> on your congregation.

Newbie Channel
Only for newbies and mentors. Should _only_ be used when a newbie has a
question, or when you have an answer for the newbie.

NEWBIEON          : Turn the newbie channel on.
NEWBIEOFF         : Turn the newbie channel off.
NEWBIE <whatever> : Say <whatever> on the newbie channel.
NTELLS [FULL]     : Shows the past 20 comments said on channel.

Market Channel
Used only for buying and selling goods and services (forged items,      
credits, and the like). It is not a channel for the discussion of       
whatever strikes your fancy. It is also not a channel to advertise for  
spars in the arena.                                                     

MARKETON          : Turn the market channel on.
MARKETOFF         : Turn the market channel off.
MARKET <whatever> : Speak on the market channel.
MTELLS [FULL]     : Shows the past 20 comments said on channel.