6.13 Selling Items

A common question that often comes up is "how can I sell my old equipment/junk to NPCs". Unfortunately in most situations this isn't possible, and Aetolia's economy is driven largely by player-to-player trade.

Some exceptions to this include quests where NPCs will reward you with gold in exchange for giving them a specific item. This includes the vermin buyers in each city (HELP VERMIN).

However, if you have an item you think might of some value to another player there's a few avenues open to you.

 1) You could try and advertise the item over the market channel - HELP MARKET.

 2) You could create an advertisement - HELP ADS.

 3) You could place the item on the auction house - HELP AUCTION HOUSE.

When you find someone that wants to obtain your item, be sure to engage in safe trading practices by using the built-in TRADE command. See HELP TRADING for more information.