7.6 Equipment Commands

There are two ways to find out what equipment you are currently carrying.
First, you can type INVENTORY, or I, or EQ to see a listing of what you have.
Now, each item in Aetolia has a separate and distinct number. To see this
information, type INFO INV or INFO INVENTORY. This will give you an item by
item listing showing the item numbers as well as the names. Oftentimes you
will have multiple items of a similar type, and you will want to be specific
in referring to one. So, for instance, if you had 5 oaken vials filled with
different kinds of liquids and you wanted to make sure you give the right one
to your comrade, you might type GIVE VIAL1347 TO VARIAN instead of just GIVE

To gain more information on an item, including what is inside the item, if
anything, you may PROBE <item>, P <item>, EXAMINE <item> or EX <item>.

There are various ways of manipulating equipment, and they include:
GET/G <item>
GET/G <item> from <another item>
GIVE <item> to <whomever>
WIELD <item>
WEAR <item>

Dealing with gold is a slightly different matter, as you will want to specify
how much gold to get or give. To do this, you would, for instance, type GIVE
GOLD 100 TO VARIAN. Of course, if you don't have 100 gold, poor Varian will
be broke and you'll be standing there looking silly.