3.10 Advertisement Commands

There comes a time in any adventurer's life when that dusty old sword   
isn't really needed anymore and the gold it's worth could better be     
spent on other things...                                                

Advertisements can be used to list what you have for sale or what you   
are looking to purchase. They are visible to everyone and exist only to 
facilitate communication about a particular product or item, they are   
not involved with the actual purchase of the item (that's left up to the
merchant in you!)                                                       

The commands to use the Ad system are as follows:

   ADS [BY <person>] [FOR <pattern>]

      Lists the ads you can see. Be warned though, there may be many. 
      Try limiting your search by using the BY and/or the FOR clause. 
      These help by only displaying ads posted by an individual, eg.: 
      ADS BY VARIAN or that match a certain pattern, eg: ADS FOR *sword*

   AD <id>

      Display more information about a particular ad, including the 
      poster, the price, and the description of what is for sale
      or desired for purchase.

   AD <id> DESCRIBE <text>

      Change the description of the item that is for sale/desired. 
      Anything you want potential purchasers to know should go here.

   AD <id> PRICE <price>

      Set the price of the item you are selling or how much you are
      willing to spend on a purchase.

   AD <id> RENEW
      Renews an ad back to seven days. Will cost 100 regardless of
      how many days it had left.

   AD <id> DELETE

      Remove one of your ads.

   AD NEW <name>

      Create a new ad with the specified name. Be warned, old ads 
      will be automatically deleted after seven Aetolian weeks. You 
      may only have 10 ads at any given time, so choose wisely. (You 
      can always delete some if you absolutely NEED to sell that 
      ratty old Rajamala blanket.) It costs 100 gold to create a new ad.