19.5 Frequently Asked Questions

* Can you PK someone for bashing certain NPCs (i.e. Djeirani, goblins
  in Azdun, atavians in Aerie, etc)?                    

When killing people for bashing NPC's, it needs to be an extremely
established aspect of your roleplay that is highly visible to others.

If there's even a question from the player about why you are attacking  
them prior to your doing so, then you didn't do a good enough job of    
preparing the situation. You should receive a warning on this the first 
time it happens and incremental punishment for violations thereafter.   

* If someone is in the militia of a city that my city is at war with,
  does that mean I have open PK on them?

Yes, you may attack those on MWHO <city> at will providing you are
also in the militia of your own city.

* Is Ignore IC or OOC? Can you still PK someone if an IGNORE is in      

Ignore is both IC and OOC, in that it applies to OOC communications and 
IC communications equally, however as an action it does not preclude you
from IC repercussions relating to the fact that you've chosen to ignore 
a person completely. It should be considered a drastic action and should
not be abused.

* Does an open issue call for a halt in combat?

Open issues do not call for an immediate halt in combat. The legitimacy 
of any conflict should have no bearing whatsoever on whether there is a 
pending issue. If the conflict is legitimate, it is legitimate, end of  
story, and there being an issue filed won't change that at all.         

* Is forcing someone to kick guards illegal?

Forcing someone to kick is a guard is fine, providing you have
legitimate cause to attack them.

A citizen will only be attacked by the single guard that they have
hit however, so it is likely not as useful as you might think.

* Can you drag someone into guards from one room away? More than one    

The general ruling is that if someone is in line of sight of the        
entrance of the city (that is, the first room actually designated as    
being within the city on SURVEY) they are free to be dragged in.

Most long range movement methods are coded so that you cannot pull
them into the city unless you meet the above requirements.

* Can more then one player share registration information?

No. Each individual player is required to have their own registration   
information. Failure to do this is a breach of HELP MULTIPLAYING and will
be treated as such from an administrative perspective. That said, you   
should always plays YOUR characters under the same registration         
information - using the same email address will do this automatically.   

* Is automation without moving illegal?

Please refer to HELP TRIGGERS for our rules on automation.                       

* Can you attack an organization (or it's leaders) for the actions of   

Situations involving this are going to be evaluated on a case-by-case   
basis. That said, we generally regard actions against an organization   
for the actions of an individual with a great deal of suspicion, unless  
the player is clearly a representative of the will of the organization. 

* Is yankbashing guards allowed?

Yes, yankbashing of guards is ok. There are plenty of tools to deal
with yankbashing (e.g. aegis, city siege weapons, etc).